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Haze Xtreme Cannabis Seeds by Crop King

Haze Xtreme cannabis seeds are one of the best sativas on the market. Not only does it produce very high levels of 22% THC it also produces high yields of flower per plant (up to 550 grams of flower). This makes Haze Xtreme ideal for commercial production. These are regular cannabis seeds so after the plants start growing they must be separated so that they do not pollinate each other.

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Seed Description

  • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Grow Skills: Easy – Intermediate
  • Flower Time: 8 – 10 Weeks
  • Indica / Sativa: Sativa
  • Effect: Strong sativa effects
  • THC: Very High @ 22.12%
  • CBD: 0.02%

Haze Xtreme strain comes from crossing Original Haze with Cheese. Its a true sativa with powerful levels of THC (22%). While it has an average to long flower time the wait is worth it. For a strain that produces high levels of THC it also produces high yields.

Additional Seed Information

Seed Packs

5, 10, 25


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