At Vancoast Industries we understand the importance of security and privacy. Any financial or personal information will remain secured as we value our customers and their privacy. Any information identifying the purchase is anonymous and non-identifiable as to what it was that your purchased.

Since we only offer wholesale within Canada, these are the following payment options:

Cash/Cheque Payment in the Mail

Send your cash payments or cheques to:

Vancoast Industries

P.O. Box 98081 Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Z7


Cash is one of the safest ways to pay for wholesale cannabis seeds order since its untraceable. When you place a wholesale order and choose cash as the payment method, you will then receive instructions on where to send the payment after placing the order.

Pro Tip: For added security and privacy, you can wrap your cash with carbon paper, tin foil or even newspaper. Place it inside an envelope addressed to us.

VERY IMPORTANT: include a piece of paper with your reference number on it or the printed order form with reference number in the envelope with your order.

EMT Interac Payment

(for Canadian customers)

For customers with Canadian banking we will also accept EMT Interac payments. Simply log into your bank account and initiate the email money transfer. The instructions on where to send the payment will be provided after choosing “Email Money Transfer” and placing the order.

For any concerns or questions, we are always available to talk over the phone:

+1 (800) 805-7835

Our email customer service (VIA contact page) will also answer your inquiries within 24 hours.